Ground Water Intrusion

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 by Casey Petersen

When we work on basement water intrusion problems we are often asked, “Is our basement in ground water?”, or “Is our Basement getting wet due to the water table?”

Water Table is that line where the ground water below it has reached the saturation point.  Very few houses reach the point where we the basement floor is below the water table.  While water in the ground is only called ground water if it is below the water table and has reached total saturation the water in the ground is still a problem.

Storm water from rain or snow melt, infiltrates through the soil until it reaches a saturation point or an exit point such as a spring.  We are often asked “do we have a spring under our house?”  By definition a spring is any natural situation where water flows to the surface of the earth from underground.  Usually we would associate this spring with ground water or an aquifer but can be and usually is an intermittent spring meaning the source is from an intermittent source such as storm water runoff. 

Ground Water Intrusion - Image 1

In a basement, any kind of ground water or spring water is unwanted regardless of what we call it.

Water intrudes in a basement because it is not water proofed correctly.  Some basements are built too deep, others are  built in areas where the surface run off water is not correctly diverted away and in many cases the ground is porous enough to allow for water to infiltrate to soil below which often is in the same basement zone. This can either be the floor or wall area such as the window wells.

Ground water could be better defined, for our purposes, as any water that can intrude into a basement space that is unwanted coming from a ground source and is usually not covered by insurance unless there is some liability issue involved.

It is significantly more expensive to not repair a basement correctly than it is to repair it.  We have many customers that have replaced carpet and drywall over and over where the expense exceeded what it would have cost them to make the repairs in the first place and not have to refinish the basement over and over again.

Correctly retrofitting a basement with a waterproofing system can prevent water intrusion and all the other costs that usually accompany the intrusion. 

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