Leaking Wall Cracks

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 by Casey Petersen

We get many requests to repair leaking wall cracks.  All concrete foundation walls will crack somewhere and usually in several places.  Where the soil moisture elevates to the point we have a condition of hydrostatic pressure, the water on the outside is forced in through the crack and into the house causing major headaches for those involved. 

Some cracks leak a little bit and others a lot.  Any moisture leaking in is unacceptable as it creates a mold condition in a typically finished basement wall with wood studs, insulation with a paper facing and the paper back of sheetrock. Over time, a few drips constantly leaking through the wall can create a very nasty mold situation that can go unobserved for years.  If the water volume is greater we usually find the problem earlier and while mold can still be a problem, we usually feel the wet carpet and can take steps to remedy the situation. 

Leaking Wall Cracks - Image 1

There are several methods to repair leaking wall cracks.

Injections have two basic types.  The first is epoxy injection and the second is poly urethane grout injection. 

Epoxy is intended to be used when there is a structural crack and usually will not repair a leaking crack over time.  Concrete is in flexible and expands and contracts which is why the wall cracked in the first place.  The epoxy being brittle will also crack with this expansion and contraction.

Poly Urethane crack injection.  This is the old standard for repairing leaky foundation walls.  A water activated poly urethane grout is injected into the wall.  When it comes in contact with water it expands many times over its original volume that reduces the void in the crack to stop water from coming through.  Many times injected cracks re-leak due to soil contamination in the crack itself where the grout is unable to bond to one or both of the surfaces of the crack continuously throughout the crack.  The crack surfaces are unable to be cleaned effectively so that is not attempted.  Warranties to repair these are too often used which require in some cases tearing out and replacing wall sections. 

Basement Systems has developed a better wall crack repair method called FlexiSpan.  Leaking Wall Cracks - Image 2


As Utah’s Authorized Basement Systems Dealer, FlexiSpan is one of our most requested products.  Wall cracks usually extend from the top of the footing to the top of the foundation wall. Therefore, the floor must be broken out to seal the crack where the floor comes in contact with the wall.  This tough and flexible sealant extends the entire length of the crack completely stopping all water from ever leaking again.  We believe in it so much that we offer a 10 year warranty.

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