Things to Know about MOLD

Friday, November 18th, 2011 by Casey Petersen

Mold can be dangerous

What is Mold?  Molds are forms of fungi that are found everywhere- both indoors and outdoors all year round.  Another term for mold is mildew.  Mold growth is encouraged by warm and humid conditions, although it can grow in and during cold weather also.  There are literally  thousands of species of mold and they can be found in any color including white, orange, green, brown and black.

How does mold get into a house or building? Most if not all of the mold found indoors comes from outdoor sources.  It seems likely to grow and become a problem only where there is water damage, high humidity or dampness.  All molds need moisture to grow.  Common sources of indoor moisture that can cause mold problems include flooding, roof and plumbing leaks, damp basements or crawlsapces and anywhere moist air condenses on cold surfaces.

Can Mold be toxic? Some molds can produce toxic substances called mycotoxins.  Small amounts of mold growth in workplaces or homes (such as mildew on a shower curtain) are not a major concern, but no mold should be permitted to grow and multiply indoors.  When molds are present in large quantities, they may cause a bad odor and health problems for some people.  Mold can damage building materials, finishes and home furnishing.  Some mold have even been known to cause structural damage to homes such as wood framed homes.

Who is affected by exposure to mold? There can be a wide variation in who can be affected by mold exposure.  People who may be affected more severely and quickly than others include infants and children, elderly people, pregnant women and individuals with respiratory conditions or allergies and asthma.

Who do I call to deal with any type of Mold growth in my Home? Utah Basement Systems is the Authorized dealer of Basement Systems Inc. and specializes in curing any mold problems you may be having by identifying the source of the mold growth and designing a customized solution to your problem.  Do yourself a favor and do not put off dealing with mold issues in your home.  Let us come to your home and find the source and stop it dead in its' tracks.  We have over 25 patented products designed to help you solve any water damage or mold issues you may be having in your crawlspace or basements.  Black mold in a basement

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