Work Requests in Sandy

Utah Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Sandy. Learn more about Utah Basement Systems's recent work requests in Sandy and nearby areas!

Learn more about Utah Basement Systems' recent work requests in Sandy, UT
Vicinity of Mulberry Way in Sandy
500 sf crawl space. Moisture and pests getting in
Vicinity of S. Manzano Dr. in Sandy
Carpet wet in basement, not sure where water is entering.
Vicinity of East Cobblemoor Lane in Sandy
Wet spot in our basement where there hasn't been one previously.
Vicinity of East Fox Hunt Drive in Sandy
Need to regrade sections of the yard and install several taller window wells.
Vicinity of E. Merewood Crt. in Sandy
I need covers for three window wells. Thank You!
Vicinity of South Mallard Circle in Sandy
I have a walk-out basement and when it rains, the water collects by a sliding glass door and, at times, rises enough to get through the door. There is a small cement pad right outside the door that has a drain in it, but the drain doesn't seem to work.
Vicinity of in Sandy
I would like to replace or clean my window wells.
Vicinity of E Crescent Pine Ln in Sandy
Window well standing water
Vicinity of East Valley Ridge Drive in Sandy
I have water coming into my basement into my boys room. It stays damp and I can't see why or where it is coming from.
Vicinity of E Crescent Pine Ln in Sandy
No drain in the window well. window well is holding water after big rain. Need find a solution to prevent the window well flooding. thx
Vicinity of S Millerberg Dr in Sandy
Leaking window and rusted window well. Possible drainage problem.
Vicinity of in Sandy
Strong muskey oder in basement last two or three weeks
Vicinity of Terra Vista Way in Sandy
We seem to some leaking in our basement, we think it maybe caused from the cracked front step. I would like someone to come and give us an estimate to fix it please. Thank you
Vicinity of South David Street in Sandy
Water coming up in one spot in basement need sump pump
Vicinity of in Sandy
I have water seeping in to the basement room that is directly under the garage. Looking to seal the area where it is leaking
Vicinity of Spartan Drive in Sandy
Need some direction on how I can waterproof my basement perimeters, 2 x 4 petitions, etc.
Vicinity of Weybridge Lane in Sandy
We just bought an older house and realized that when it rains or snows, the water drips off our cars and then runs from the garage into the basement. Is there any way to install a drain system in the garage to keep the basement dry?
Vicinity of in Sandy
I have a home that has a crawl space that has the batting. i would like to get it insulated. It is approximately 400 square feet.
Vicinity of Hyrum Place in Sandy
New drains installed --
Vicinity of Willow Creek Drive in Sandy
We have a three year old house and have a 6 inch round wet patch in our carpet in the basement in the middle of our bedroom doorway. Nothing else is wet in the basement.
Vicinity of Charter Oaks Cir in Sandy
High water table in our area causes occasional water leakage in the basement, sometimes even through window wells.
Vicinity of Winter Wren Dr in Sandy
When it rains heavily, my basement floods. I've had several people come and try to figure out where the water is coming in and it seems to remain a mystery. My basement has been torn up now for 3 years. Maybe you can help determine how the water is getting in.
Vicinity of in Sandy
I have 2 crawl spaces and a musky smell I have a crack in my brick a slightly damp floor in the basement (the crack might have reached the foundation?)
Vicinity of Still Blossom Lane in Sandy
Basement window well fills up with water in heavy rain and floods basement.
Vicinity of Oakshire Lane in Sandy
I have leaks betweeen basement window well cuttout and foundation. Would like to see about getting two window well / foundation interfaces waterproofed.

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