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Utah Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Provo. Learn more about Utah Basement Systems's recent work requests in Provo and nearby areas!

Learn more about Utah Basement Systems' recent work requests in Provo, UT
Vicinity of in Provo
I need the basement walls checked for cracks/leaks. I suspect a crack or two. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Provo
My basement was built wrong. I have 10 foot ceilings instead of 8 foot. The footings were not backfilled so the floor is at the bottom of the footing and there is a two foot footing above the basement floor. It was not sealed where the wall sits on the footing so there is a crack that leaks. It was never a problem until my neighbor expanded their driveway with cement and now all of the water from their roof and driveway empty on to the side of my house with the basement problem. The problem is only in one corner of the house about 8-10 feet in each direction. I think it needs to be sealed from the outside. I would like to get an idea of what can actually be done and an estimate of how much it will cost. You can call me on my cell phone to set up an appointment.
Vicinity of in Provo
Need to extend or replace some window wells.
Vicinity of in Provo
Water coming into a basement.
Vicinity of Old Willow Lane in Provo
We have 2 metal window wells that are badly rusted and need replacing. I am interested in an estimate from your company for the removal of the old wells and installation of the new ones you advertise. I prefer that your sakes rep come to the house when I am at home. If we can make a firm appointment, I will plan to take the time from work to be here. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Provo
There is a hole in the foundation at the corner between the floor and the foundation. Water and mud has slowly come through it. We need and written estimate to repair. There are renters living in the home and you may call them for an appointment to see the affected room in the basement. It's Corey Berrier at . Thank you.
Vicinity of Grand Ave. in Provo
Water leaking from outside to inside of basement near window well.
Vicinity of in Provo
This is a one story/side by side duplex with the kitchen wall shared by the main and master bath sinking on both sides. I am looking for a quote on what it would cost to put in a support system under that wall on both sides and raise it back up where it belongs. I do not know condition of crawl space under it, there is about a 3+ foot crawl.
Vicinity of in Provo
There is insulation and a plastic coating under my house but I am not sure if that is enough, Mostly I am wondering what a rough estimate will be just so I can get an idea, It is a 956 Square foot home.
Vicinity of in Provo
We have a dirt floor crawl space that i would like waterproof also i have seen it where they do some type of bug proofing to
Vicinity of Provo Canyon in Provo
I have a cabin in provo canyon with leaky walls from an old foundation. I would like an appraisal and estimate asap. I have it partially dug up from the outside.
Vicinity of in Provo
There is leakage in my basement, usually only when the sprinkler system is on. This has resulted in a lot of mold.
Vicinity of in Provo
When the ground is saturated in spring and fall, water is either seeping through wall or coming through along bottom corner. Basement is finished.
Vicinity of Cherry Ln. in Provo
Would like an estimate for waterproofing our basement. We don't believe this is related any plumbing.
Vicinity of E. Sumac Lane in Provo
There is a storage room under our concrete patio. The ceiling was leaking and so it was sealed from the outside. However, there is still moisture collecting on parts of the ceiling and walls. We have cleaned it out to the bare walls and are planning on putting a dehumidifier in the space.
Vicinity of in Provo
South wall of basement has had long-term water entry. Some foundation cracks. Needs to be waterproofed.
Vicinity of in Provo
We have one crack and another spot that are leaking water in an unfinished basement in our home. We would like to fix these asap so that we can finishe the basement. Please call me so that we can have you come out and give us a bid this week! Thanks!
Vicinity of in Provo
This is a duplex that we own. We've previously had some damp problems in the basement laundry room but the basement renters indicate another outside wall is now showing some damp.
Vicinity of Utah Ave. in Provo
My basement leaks about once or twice a year and I have to get it fixed. It has only leaked in the basement living room. None of the other rooms have leaked. I believe it is because there is a drive way and sidewalk on the south side, there is a large add on living room on the west side that does not have a basement so the north west corner is the only spot it has been leaking. Call me asap.
Vicinity of Meadow Fork Rd in Provo
Basement of condo, sewage line is about 9 feet overhead. I'd like to install a bathroom in my basement and want a sewage pump solution that will not clog. If I have to go industrial that's OK, ease of maintenance and 100% uptime is crucial to me because I plan to rent the property in about 3 years. I've heard that industrial pumps that alternate spinning direction are the best for this. Can you give me an estimate please?
Vicinity of Springdell Dr in Provo
We've had a leak in the garage and want to get our foundation sealed. I would appreciate a quote. thank you
Vicinity of Windsor Drive in Provo
Basement cement wall; 8 foot high; one leak in middle of wall in one point; and 3 leaks down at bottom where cement wall meets the cement floor; have had someone drill small holes and put in plastic into outside of walls; stopped most of the leakage; however, in a spot other guy was not aware of it is leaking and we'd love it to stop.
Vicinity of in Provo
The basement is about 18' x 25' and is dry most of the time. However, in the heavy rain the past few days, a leak has started in the ceiling in one corner. I would like to eventually fix up the room as a family room/rec room, but am nervous to lay carpet with the possibility of water coming in.
Vicinity of in Provo
Water seepage from possible ground water or poor drainage or sub grade cement
Vicinity of Briar in Provo
We have light seasonal flooding in our basement and we would like to get an estimate on a solution.
Vicinity of in Provo
We have a smelly crawl space. Just put in new insulation but smell is still there.

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