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Utah Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Park City. Learn more about Utah Basement Systems's recent work requests in Park City and nearby areas!

Learn more about Utah Basement Systems' recent work requests in Park City, UT
Vicinity of Pinecrest in Park City
Leak through concrete slab has persistently affected lower level of house interior after snowfall accumulation and melting. Past efforts to remedy have not worked. I need a permanent solution.
Vicinity of Lucky John Dr in Park City
French drain in driveway to leach out into back yard - straight run about 8 to 10 yards
Vicinity of Kingsford Ave in Park City
Have a wet crawl space. Mainly when the snow melts in March and April. Have sump pumps in there now but wanted to know if you install french drains.
Vicinity of Little Belle Ct. in Park City
We need an expert to tell us how to approach and waterproof a cement basement and floor.
Vicinity of Courtyard Loop in Park City
Condo with water in crawl space. needs a sealed vapor barrier and a sump pump.
Vicinity of Murnin Way in Park City
Water leaking into enclosed crawl space. Also concerned about current crawl space membrane and insulation.
Vicinity of Martingale Lane in Park City
We have a window well which has separated from the house. In addition, water comes off the roof at an alarmingly fast rate and into the window wells. The combo of the two has resulted in repeated flooding in the basement.
Vicinity of Katies Crossing in Park City
We are about to finish our basement. The previous owners had "water problems", and had exterior french drains installed. however, upon cutting concrete for plumbing, we discovered pooled water about 8" below surface of concrete. We have not had any water coming up through the concrete since we have lived here (2 1/2 years), however the winters have been mild.
Vicinity of MINERAL LOOP in Park City
We feel that we need a French drain to prevent water coming into our lower level when the snow thaws.
Vicinity of W.View Pointe Dri in Park City
Crawl Space area has some water and moisture issues due to spring run off. Please contact me asap to schedule an appointment to evaluate the area. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Park City
Water in crawl space, would like to speak about your services ASAP.
Vicinity of Teal Dr in Park City
We are having gutters installed on Monday and I need a french drain installed in a problem area of our concrete front entryway. Is this something you could do and what would be the cost?
Vicinity of Lucky John Dr in Park City
We are moving into a new home that was built in 1978. It has a split floor plan and as soon as you walk downstairs, there is a very musty smell. My question: is this common in older homes or is this a pretty good sign that there is water damage? If there is potential water damage/leakage, what are the steps taken to correct the problem and what is the average price for that?
Vicinity of Stationloop in Park City
Crawl space has close to 3 inches of water in it.
Vicinity of Lily Langtree in Park City
We just moved into this house. It is located on a creek. It was built in 1979. It has a basement. It smells musty. We want to remodel but want to start with water proofing the basement. We are unsure if we need to do interior or exterior waterproofing. We need an expert opinion on what to do and how to proceed.
Vicinity of Deer Valley in Park City
We have leaking in a interior bathroom, that is below grade .
Vicinity of Willow Lane in Park City
We have a few crawl spaces that are just dirt and I would like to get them sealed.
Vicinity of in Park City
Would like to look at french drain options - exterior of a building. Thanks
Vicinity of Saddleback Road in Park City
We have an unfinished storage room in our basement. It has concrete walls on all sides and the ceiling essentially the underside of the front porch (pavers). We are experiencing minor water penetration through the wall-ceiling joints every time it snows / rains (i.e. every time moisture builds up on the front patio).
Vicinity of Estates Drive in Park City
Need a new vapor barrier installed in crawl space
Vicinity of Ridgeview Drive in Park City
We own one side of a duplex in Park City, UT. In addition to other issues w/snow buildup, the driveway is currently improperly sloped, which causes back-flow into our garage. Water then seeps down the foundation wall into the basement of the adjoining unit. We need to explore waterproofing options in our garage to prevent water damage going forward. Our assumption is that a french drain needs to be placed in the driveway, with possible additional improvements to the garage foundation in our unit. Looking forward to hearing from you to schedule an estimate.
Vicinity of Station Loop Rd in Park City
We would like an estimate for insulating the floor space just above the crawl space. Thank you.
Vicinity of Silver Creek Road in Park City
Moisture and ground water. Have existing sump pump, but unreliable.
Vicinity of NorthCove Drive in Park City
Need pressure-resistant sealing around drain pipe and sprinkler supply water line that goes through the foundation to the back of the house where water made it through into utility room like a gusher during runoff time. Also could use an estimate on a sump pump system in crawlspace and and estimate on french drain system to alleviate foundation permeability in future runoff seasons
Vicinity of Parkview Drive in Park City
Leaking basement
Vicinity of Katies Crossing in Park City
Water coming in through window well on front of my house into my unfinished basement.
Vicinity of Starview Dr. in Park City
Ground water coming in jand have some floor cracks
Vicinity of Trailside Dr. in Park City
Water seeping into basement via cracks. Would like to see what solutions are available.
Vicinity of Heather Lane in Park City
Standing water in part of my crawl space, want an estimate on a sump pump.
Vicinity of Station Loop Rd in Park City
I have water in the crawl space and I think I need a sump pump. Have one going now.
Vicinity of Douglas Dr in Park City
Crawl space-seasonal occasional water in space, insulation of radiant heating floors
Vicinity of Broken Hill Drive in Park City
Each spring with the snow melt we get a bit of water in the basement. Originally we thought it was the change in the runoff pattern and after a major flood had a small sump pump put in that needs to be plugged in. Unfortunately a couple of times we have missed the opportune time to plug in and have had mini-floods!! We'd like to discuss having something more permanent and moisture triggered put in. So give me a call and let's set up an appt!
Vicinity of Woodland Place in Park City
Lots of water in basement (dirt floor crawl space--can stand up in it) Have two sump pumps already but still getting water running in continuely! Live on hill in snow country--am talking with the county about trenching outside uphill of house to redirct the water....but still need basement waterproofed---need ideas and consult! Mildew is starting to form!
Vicinity of Trout Creek Ct. in Park City
Dirt/gravel floor with existing sump pump. crawl space about 4 feet high. Interested in encapsulation, drying, and insulation of space.
Vicinity of Heather Lane in Park City
Home built in 1991; crawl space the width of the home, 5 feet high; dirt floor. moisture during the winter time is buckling the hardwood floor above; greatly adds to the coldness of the home in the winter at that end of the house.
Vicinity of in Park City
Wet crawl space..sumping from one section..looking for a more permanent solution
Vicinity of Northshore Ct. in Park City
We have a full crawlspace that we woul like to clean-up, level and seal. Also look at a dehumidifier system if that would help.

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