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Utah Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Logan. Learn more about Utah Basement Systems's recent work requests in Logan and nearby areas!

Learn more about Utah Basement Systems' recent work requests in Logan, UT
Vicinity of in Logan
I have browsed your website and I am interested in the WaterGuard® Drainage System. We are building a new house and will need to put in a drain along the footing, this looks like a good system. I was wondering what the costs were to install it and could I buy the materials and install it myself. I you could get back with me I would appreciate it. Thanks.
Vicinity of in Logan
We have an unfinished crawl space section of our basement that we would like to seal off with a weatherproof door. The crawl space does not have any vents so we would like to seal it to prevent mold and moisture problems.
Vicinity of in Logan
My basement leaks whenever it rains
Vicinity of Fox Farm Rd in Logan
The basement stays cool and is typically very humid and slightly musty. There is a cold storage room with an earth floor that is especially musty.
Vicinity of in Logan
Our basement leaks and would like to discuss options and pricing.
Vicinity of Oakbrook Cir in Logan
Our home has a crawlspace that is approx 1000 Sq. ft. It is all dirt and currently has a layer of plastic covering the floor. Upon entering our home there is a somewhat musty, damp smell. I am certain that is the result of our damp crawl space.
Vicinity of in Logan
I have a leak through the foundation wall into a basement bathroom. I have excavated the outside wall. I have a five foot crack in the foundation wall. The crack is approximately 1/8 inch at the top down to hairline at the bottom. I have ground the asphalt away from the crack two inches. I need the cracked sealed with either epoxy or polytrethane injection. I teach school, so I can meet someone anytime after 3:15 in the afternoon. I have two dogs that have run of the house and back yard, so someone needs to be home. Thanks
Vicinity of in Logan
I have a rental property with approx 6 basement windows. The window wells are pretty much at ground level, allowing moisture to get in some of the windows. Looking to replace existing concrete window wells with something more durable.

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